Sunday, August 2, 2015

Apparition to Mirjana on August 2, 2015 at Medjugorje

Message to Mirjana

Our Lady appeared to Mirjana Soldo today, August 2nd, 2015, and delivered the following message: "Dear children, I, as a mother who loves her children, see how difficult the time in which you live is. I see your suffering, but you need to know that you are not alone. My Son is with you. He is everywhere. He is invisible, but you can see Him if you live Him. He is the light which illuminates your soul and gives you peace. He is the Church which you need to love and to always pray and fight for - but not only with words, instead with acts of love. My children, bring it about for everyone to come to know my Son, bring it about that He may be loved, because the truth is in my Son born of God - the Son of God.

Do not waste time deliberating too much; you will distance yourselves from the truth. With a simple heart accept His word and live it. If you live His word, you will pray. If you live His word, you will love with a merciful love; you will love each other. The more that you will love, the farther away you will be from death. For those who will live the word of my Son and who will love, death will be life. Thank you." Our Lady added, "Pray to be able to see my Son in your shepherds. Pray to be able to embrace Him in them."

Friday, July 3, 2015

Medjugorje: Apparition of Our Lady to Mirjana on July 2, 2015

Medjugorje Message to Mirjana-July 2, 2015

“Dear children, I am calling you to spread the faith in my Son – your faith. You, my children illuminated by the Holy Spirit, my apostles, transmit it to others – to those who do not believe, who do not know, who do not want to know – but for that you must pray a lot for the gift of love, because love is the mark of true faith – and you will be apostles of my love. Love always, anew, revives the pain and the joy of the Eucharist, it revives the pain of the Passion of my Son, by which he showed you what it means to love immeasurably; it revives the joy for having left you his body and blood to feed you with himself – and in this way, to be one with you. Looking at you with tenderness, I feel immeasurable love which strengthens me in my desire to bring you to a firm faith. Firm faith will give you joy and happiness on earth and in the end the encounter with my Son. This is his desire.

Therefore, live him, live love, live the light that always illuminates you in the Eucharist. I implore you to pray a lot for your shepherds, to pray so as to have all the more love for them because my Son gave them to you to feed you with his body and to teach you love. Therefore, also you are to love them. But, my children, remember, love means to endure and to give, and never, ever to judge. Thank you. ”

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Apparition to Mirjana at Medjugorje on June 2, 2015

Message to Mirjana

"Dear children, I desire to work through you – my children, my apostles – so that in the end, I may gather all of my children there where everything is prepared for your happiness. I am praying for you, that through works you can convert others, because the time has come for acts of truth, for my Son. My love will work in you – I will make use of you. Have trust in me, because everything that I desire, I desire for your good, the eternal good created by the Heavenly Father. You, my children, my apostles, are living an earthly life in union with my children who have not come to know the love of my Son, who do not call me ‘mother’ – but do not be afraid to witness the truth. If you are not afraid and witness courageously, the truth will miraculously win, but remember, strength is in love.

My children, love is repentance, forgiveness, prayer, sacrifice and mercy. If you will know how to love, by your works you will convert others, you will enable the light of my Son to penetrate into souls. Thank you. Pray for your shepherds. They belong to my Son. He called them. Pray that they may always have the strength and the courage to shine with the light of my Son."

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Waterford on Tonight With Vincent Browne Programme- Negativity gone mad

The audience was monopolised by Sinn Fein, Halligan and Workers party supporters. This set the tone for a programme that largely ignored the positives and continuously emphasised the negative. The two Government TDs Paudie Coffey and Ciara Conway were barracked and heckled. They got little time to respond to criticisms of government policy. We had a Sean Martin attacking the government on Post Office closures. Between, 2005-2010, Fianna Fail closed 288 post offices. Only 23 Post Offices have closed under the FG/Labour government. Where was Sean Martin when FF was closing 288 post offices? Oh Sean is not political at all. Who the hell does he think he is codding?

One would think looking at the programme that there was nothing positive about Waterford city and county. I don't recognise the county and city represented in that programme. It has damaged Waterford's image. The heckling was a disgrace. Waterford has a lot going for it in spite of the knockers. The economy is recovering. There have been many jobs announcements in the last year: West Pharma, Eistech, Sun LIfe et al. Not one of the large number of contributors in the audience had a workable solution. John Halligan offered no solutions only higher taxation and a Financial Transactions Tax which would wipe out the Dublin Financial Services Centre and cost 15,000 jobs. John Halligan also wants higher rates of income tax. Executives of US multinational companies have already warned that high income tax rates are a disincentive to investment. If the Irish people are mad enough to fall for John Halligan's prescription, so be it. Incidentally Mr Halligan stated that Ireland was a very rich country seven years ago. Nonsense! It was floating on a sea of cheap credit which fueled an artificial property boom which provided a temporary boost to the National Finances. When the bubble burst property taxes dried up. Waterford needs to continually send out a positive message to encourage more investment. You wont see Kilkenny sending out such negative messages. The Cats are much too clever for that. The TDs who give it a miss are probably correct in their calculations. Government TDs just dont get a fair chance. The show is geared towards hyping up negativity.

Peoples debate my foot! It is just a rabble rousing programme monopolised by Sinn Fein supporters and the Hard Left. Waterford's competitors for investment can laugh tonight. Another og has been scored. Contrast the negativity from Waterford tonight with the positive publicity for the West today thanks to the Royal visit. Enough said. Some people never learn it seems.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Medjugorje Miracle Cure for Galway boy

Image © Connacht Tribune

A brave Galway boy celebrated his eleventh birthday last week – two years after his family was told that he had lost his battle with cancer. But Stephen Reilly’s 2013 trip to Medjugorje turned out to be a miraculous one – because he was pronounced cancer-free two months ago... Continue reading at Connacht Tribune

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ignore Swaggart Ministries/ Karen Frazier Romero ignorant attacks on Catholicism

Swaggart Ministries claims to preach the word of God. Interesting then how it regularly snipes at Catholicism. There is a regular misrepresentation of Catholicism on this channel. Swaggart Ministeries is not the True Church founded by Jesus Christ. Swaggart Ministries is of human origin. It is one of more than three thousand Protestant groups which have evolved since the Reformation. All are in error on Christian Docrtine. No two preach the same message. Much of what the Swaggart Ministries preaches is doctrinal nonsense. Catholics: Ignore those Protestant sects. "Born Again" groups are busy targeting Catholic recruits with a simplistic message. That message is NOT the teaching of Jesus Christ. The test of the True Church is whether it was founded by Jesus Christ or by a human being. Swaggart Ministries was founded by Jimmy Swaggart. It is not the Church of Jesus Christ. It is giving Jimmy Swaggart's interpretation of Christianity.

Jesus Christ founded Catholicism. Ipso facto it is the True Church. Jesus said to Peter: "Thou art Peter and on this rock I build my Church and I give to thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". Peter was the fist Pope and was appointed by Jesus Christ. Pope Francis has a direct link back to the first Pope who was Peter. The Catholic Church has the Apostolic Succession. No Protestant Church has it.

The Catholic Church is not just one denomination among many. In fact, it is the only faith that can trace its founding roots back to Jesus Christ, who started our Church. For 2,000 years, the Catholic Church has guarded the truth that Jesus has taught, whether in or out of style. In the Church today, one can experience the most personal relationship with Christ through the Holy Eucharist, the gift of Christ’s Body and Blood to us. Since its founding, the Catholic Church has continued to be the largest body of Christians on earth. Though it’s not perfect, nor does it have perfect members, the Church still contains the fullness of truth, which Jesus promised would set us free.....( Catholics Come

If you are a lapsed Catholic or somebody who wishes to know more about the Catholic religion visit Catholics Come

Recently Swaggart Ministries featured an author and ex Catholic-Karen Frazier Romero- on its channel. She spent most of her appearance attacking Catholicism. It was glaringly obviously that she never had a full understanding of Catholic doctrine. These attacks would be demolished by people like Scott Hahn in seconds. Now of course she is interested in selling books to a certain market which relishes such attacks. Catholics should ignore her remarks and writings. She is out of her depth when commenting on Catholic doctrine and history. Her attacks on Catholicism and Pope Francis were appalling.

You get the TRUTH ON CATHOLICISM here:

Catholic TV Channels

Read various Catholic authors. Read: Rome Sweet Home Our Journey to Catholicism written by Scott and Kimberly Hahn who were Protestants but on investigation discovered that the Catholic Church is the ONE TRUE CHURCH founded by Jesus Christ. Ignore embittered former Catholics appearing on a Protestant TV Channel like the Swaggart Ministries. Remember Swaggart Ministries is of human origin. The Catholic Chuch is the ONE TRUE CHURCH founded by Jesus Christ.